Valenjoi & Lawrence
Same Day Edit

Monday, July 15, 2013
We received this sweet thank you email from our couple Valenjoi and Lawrence.

Same Day Edit

SDE Live Reaction


Hi Sam and Taky! Thank you for capturing our wedding day. When it came to choosing a photographer and videographer, we did do some searching and did find some, but you guys were always at the top of our lists.

I doubt you guys remember, but I was at my cousin's wedding in 2011 when I was her bridesmaid. I liked the way you both worked with them. I knew you guys worked well together and would get multiple angles and views of our wedding day. We've received so many compliments on that fact that we hired you for photography, videography, and of course the photobooth. No regrets there for us at all. We would like to thank you guys for working with us and being patient with us as we and other family/friends prepared to take pictures.

Hopefully, we will be able to send some people your way because we do have some friends and family in line waiting and planning to get married. They were asking us to save your contacts and info. Although, most of them plan on it in a couple of years or so.

Thank you again for the same day edit. I know Lawrence told you I watched the video like 20 times in the first few hours it was posted, which is probably true. But I truly loved and enjoyed the video. I can't wait to see all the proofs and final products. Thank you again for everything!


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